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The Trailer Of Sonakshi Sinha’s Noor Is All Over The Place!

Author : Author At BB

Remember when Sonakshi Sinha revealed her look for Noor? And how most of us couldn’t wait to see more? Well, the trailer is out and it has left us quite disappointed.

Based on the novel, ‘Karachi You Are Killing Me’, the trailer is the story of a regular girl’s fight for daily survival in the city of dreams. While it starts off as interesting (What with all the clumsiness) and has Kanan Gill smiling like a total charmer, the trailer is extremely confusing. Sinha does an okay job of being convincing as Noor and one can see the cracks in the delivery of the character. Purab Kohli is also a big part of the trailer and manages to keep you hooked but it’s not enough.

Does the trailer do justice to the book? No. While they’ve made Sonakshi’s character a tad bit relatable, it soon loses its charm and becomes very forced, especially with the whole mystery part by the way.

The most disappointing thing about the trailer is the remake of ‘Gulabi Aankhen.’ It’s 2017 and we are sick and tired of classics getting remade, our ears deserve something better and original!

Watch the trailer here –

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