Here’s Some Things You Didn’t Know About The Contestants Of Comicstaan Season 2

Author : Grinell Jacinto


Amazon Prime Video’s Comictsaan Season 2 brings some much-needed comedy in your day-to-day life. The show has some carefully plotted witty jokes, with a unique and fun take on comedy. The show is a one-of-a-kind comedy series/digital talent hunt for rising comedians.

The second season has been getting amazing response thanks to the brilliant entourage of young comics and the judges. We have got some interesting details about the 10 contestants contending to become the best stand-up comic in the country.

Aakash Gupta
A standup comedian from Delhi, Aakash is an eccentric performer who always had that knack for making people laugh. Desperate for laughs, he started his comedy career with mimicking his maasi on family get together. Fortunately the path has been upwards since then. “Par ye humesha gusse mei kyu rehta hai” is what you must be thinking. Yes, he always looks grumpy and that’s not because his face is like that, it’s because he takes his comedy way too seriously. Otherwise he is very jolly in nature.

Devanshi Shah 
Devanshi Shah is a B.A. pass turned teacher turned writer turned comic. If you don’t find her funny you can come and laugh at her choices.

Joel DSouza
Growing up in a building with kids who’d rarely let him bat, looking out of the window and swinging on a swing were his favorite sports as it required little energy and zero friends. Daydreaming and lost in his thoughts, he would make most of his time trying to do nothing and yet look busy. If he’s talking to you then he is probably asking you to follow him on twitter.

Ramya Ramapriya 
Ramya Ramapriya joined the Bangalore comedy circuit in 2017 and hasn’t looked back. She quit her corporate job because she hated it. Her hobbies include painting, stitching, and binge watching and sleeping. Basically she is a 65 year old soul that finds it hard to exist. Ramya Ramapriya wants to be known only for Comicstaan (2019) because she wants to keep her dark past to herself.

Raunaq Rajani
Raunaq Rajani, a pure bred Bombay boy used to be a writer at East India comedy. He has one of the most fun voices you’ll hear this year. His unique voice sometimes drops poignant truth bombs and sometimes leaves you with a random joke, making you wonder why you were laughing at it in the first place. He’s appeared on TV for shows like NDTV rising star of comedy, Cyrus Broacha’s The News That Wasn’t, Comedy Central’s Stand up Showcase, Channel V’s Sprite Teen Till I Die etc. He’s quick on his feet and has a very sharp wit that you absolutely shouldn’t miss!

Rohan Gujral
Rohan Gujral is an upcoming standup comedian from Mumbai. He performs regularly at Bandra, Andheri and other suburbs. He travels by trains, taxis and other cheaper transport. His jokes revolve around daily life observations. He has performed at the Pune Comedy Festival 3.0, his aunt’s house in Jabalpur and other venues.

Samay Raina 
Samay Raina always knew he was not made for the corporate life and tried his best to escape from it. After miserable attempts at poetry, guitar, chess, table tennis, rapping and forging documents, Samay finally found his passion in standup comedy.

Shreeja Chaturvedi
Shreeja is a comedian from Mumbai, characterized by a straight face and animated hands. She has been active in the Mumbai circuit for over 2 years and considers herself a full-ish-time comedian. Mostly known for limited facial muscle movement, her dream is to someday have her own concert where she jumps into the crowd after landing a punch line, with crowds screaming her name and coming at her with bare chests to etch her name on.

Sumit Saurav
“An absurd take of banal subjects” is how Sumit describes his comedy. Not stopping there, he has taken up a corporate job to supply him with just enough frustration to complete the package of an “angry damaged comedian”.

Supriya Joshi
Supriya loves Koalas, K-Pop and alliterations. She loves watching obscure cinema and in her free time dreams of playing a Naagin in a K-serial.

The show has already created a storm among the audience. Catch Comicstaan Season 2 new episodes every Friday on Amazon Prime Video.

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