Gulabi 2.0 From ‘Noor’ Enters The List Of Sad Remakes!

Author : Author At BB

Sonakshi Sinha’s ambitious project, Noor is all set to release in April this year. While the trailer failed to impress us, we were hoping that the music would be a tad bit different. But simple words – it’s not.

Noor’s ‘Gulabi 2.0’ was released yesterday and it’s cringeworthy. How the hell can you take a classic number by Mohammed Rafi and do THIS to it? To be honest, it’s downright disrespectful.

With unnecessary new lyrics and over the top EDM mix, Gulabi 2.0 is a sad party number. Plus, it’s goddamn confusing how the video starts. Why can’t women wearing track pants, t-shirts and nerdy glasses not be hot? Why does Noor have to wear a short dress, have shots and dance around to be all ‘out there’. Please get over yourself everyone. This is 2017.

We’re going to start a petition asking music composers, directors, singers, actors and anyone else to stop with the unnecessary revamping of beautiful songs. Do join in.

Until then give the song a watch here –

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