Priyanka Chopra, Dwayne Johnson & Zac Efron’s Baywatch Hits the Right Funny Notes.

Priyanka Chopra Baywatch
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One thing is for sure, Baywatch is a hell lot more than just bikinis and hot body. It’s fun, crass and sexy! The makers promised the biggest summer comedy and suffice to say they’ve delivered it.

Are there a few ‘WTF is this’ moments? Sure. What did you expect! Is the plot of the movie quite obvious? Yes. So, is it worth your money? For sure!

The story revolves around an elite lifeguard crew who try to keep the Bay safe and clean. Dwayne Johnson’s character Mitch is the head of the crew and it consists of all these good looking people who do a great job at running slowly. Of course, there’s Zac Efron (Matt Brody), who plays the role of a disgraced former Olympian turned lifeguard and Victoria Leeds (Priyanka Chopra), who is secretly running a drug racket. Victoria wants to rule the bay with her power and the lifeguards want to protect it. This is pretty much the crux of the movie. The climax is quite good and it helps that we get a glimpse of Pamela Anderson’s trademark Baywatch slo-mo walk.

Let’s talk about our very own global star Priyanka Chopra for a second – She is hot AF in her villainous avatar. She nails the sexy role and we wish there was more of her. It’s a delight to watch her talk in that husky voice and have an upper hand over these well-built men like they are a bunch of teenage boys.

Overall, it’s fun but if you are trying to find a storyline, you will be disappointed. It has some seriously funny moments but unfortunately, it’s not strong enough all the time. There are some scenes that try a little too hard and you can’t help but roll your eyes.

So if you are looking out for an exciting weekend entertainment, and some kick-ass R-Rated drama, then watch Baywatch this weekend!
We give it 3 buzzing bees.

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