Review – Raakh is dark, gritty and one of the best things you will see on the internet this year

Author : Author At BB

We were invited for a special preview of the upcoming short film Raakh and here’s our review – 

Milap Zaveri has been a name synonymous with sex comedies but with Raakh the director has redefined himself! These 10-12 minutes of the short film are enough for you to see the extraordinary talent that comes with the name Milap Milan Zaveri. 

We don’t want to give too much away but Raakh is not just a story about revenge, it touches concepts of human emotions, losing a loved one and more than anything else – life! You will hold your breath and be on the edge of your seat throughout the story. The dialogues are powerful and create a beautiful impact. 

Vir Das is in a role he has never been seen in before and he does a fabulous job with it! Mister, you should do more roles like these! Shaad Randhawa shines in his role. The changes in his expressions stun you and you feel his pain as much as you don’t! Rich Chadha in an integral part of the film and she does it beautiful justice. 

Bravo! Watch it and then watch it again on November 7th! 

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