Ralph Breaks The Internet Quick Movie Review: This Sequel Is Far From A Wreck!

Ralph Breaks The Internet Quick Movie Review: This Sequel Is Far From A Wreck!
Author : Hetal Sawant


Feature Name: Ralph Breaks The Internet

Phil Johnston and Rich Moore

John C Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Gal Gadot, Taraji P Henson

112 Mins

Six years have passed since the events of Wreck-It Ralph, and many of that film’s licensed video game characters have quietly vanished. (Sonic the Hedgehog, Q-Bert, the Tapper bartender, and a few Street Fighter characters have hung on to enjoy a few brief, funny cameos.) The original film’s arcade is still pulling customers, and Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly) is still loving his predictable life: play the bad guy in the fictional arcade game Fix-It Felix Jr. by day, then hang out with best friend Vanellope (voiced by Sarah Silverman) at night.

Watch The Trailer Here:

But it is Vanellope who is bored of her predictable life and wants something more, that is filled with danger and risks. Long story short, Vanellope’s life as a game character is now in peril, and the only solution involves some new-fangled invention called the Internet. They both without a second thought jump into the WIFI to save Vanellope’s game only to find out new more exciting part of the world.

This movie is a brilliant creation and it is no surprise that it’s delivered by DISNEY! From princesses to E-BOY, every single little detail is what makes this sequel so sweet and special. We recommend you watch this with your ENTIRE FAMILY.

We give it 4 buzzing bees with a huge jar of HONEY!

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