These Punch-Lines From Comicstaan Season 2 Is Sure To Make You Chuckle

Author : Grinell Jacinto


Comicstaan season 2 has been a highly anticipated show since its announcement. The show features seven judges mentoring the 10 participants in different genres of comedy. All these contestants are put through their paces in various style of comedy to bring out witty jokes. The show consists of 8 episodes.

If you feel that the first season was fun, wait until you start watching the second season. With the show completing half time – four episodes are out – here are a few punch lines that will make you want to watch the series:

Joel D’Souza
Hamley’s is so expensive. It’s competing with Tanishq

Raunaq Rajani
Everybody clicking a picture in front of Taj Mahal looks like a Sobo girl calling for a cab.

Samay Raina
I can flirt better as a girl, you know.

Shreeja Chaturvedi
Now, how do I make an Arabic design on your boxing glove?

Ramya Ramapriya
It was like, I went to feed a dog and died of rabies.

Devanshi Shah
Guys, Can we just not be judgemental?

Akash Gupta
Baite Baite bore hue, karna hai kuch kaam, aao badle cities ka naam karke Prabhu ka jaap.

Supriya Joshi
Tinder India is adding 23 more genders. More than my matches, they have added genders.

Comicstaan season 2 is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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