Pacific Rim Uprising Quick Movie Review: A Loud Sequal That Fails To Impress

Author : Kanika Shrivastava

Feature Name: Pacific Rim Uprising
Runtime: 111 mins (1 hr 51 mins)
Director: Steven S. Knight
Cast: John Boyega, Cailey Spaeny, Scott Eastwood, Jing Tian & others.

If you have seen the first one, Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot Oculus Rift Experience, this one might be a tad bit disappointing for you. Based on the same plotline of Jaegers v/s Kaijus and how all the pilots team up to save the world, Pacific Rim: Uprising is the same ol’ Robo-action drama.

Directed by Steven S. Knight, this one came across as a love-child of Transformers franchise and Real Steel. Even though Steven did a great job with graphics and witty one liners, the film went on to become a loud Déjà vu inducing caper.

Watch the trailer here:

Performances by Cailee Spaeny, Tian Jing and Charlie Day were on-point while John Boyega was a bit underwhelming.

Technically, the film had its own wow-moments and the Mediterranean locations were an eye pleaser.

All in all, we give this big-budgeted Hollywood caper 2.5 buzzing bees and we hope that you might get to watch it on Netflix soon.



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