Midnight Sun Quick Review: A Mushy Romantic Drama Which Is More Yawn-Inducing Than A Tear-Jerker!

Midnight Sun
Author : Kanika Shrivastava

Feature Name: Midnight Sun

Runtime: 91 mins (1 hr 31 mins)

Director: Scott Spear

Cast: Bella Thorne, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Rob Riggle and others.

Girl suffers from a deadly skin disease called XP. Never gets out in the sunlight cause, Cancer. Meets her childhood crush and the dreamiest guy ever, one night at the station. They spend fun time together. The girl is about to die, the guy doesn’t leave her. Girl dies. Guy’s life is changed. The End.

Hence, Midnight Sun is the most clichéd story ever. Don’t believe us? Watch the trailer here:



Scott Spear, just please stick to the dancing movie genre because you’re good at it. This romantic-drama was just mush all-around.

Bella Thorne shines all the way because of her performance and not playing that stereotyped dumb-blonde. Patrick Schwarzenegger needs to work on his acting skills. Rob Riggle’s monologue is the only tear-jerking moment you’ll experience in the film.

We give this, The fault in our stars’ makeup; 1.5 buzzing bees and strictly suggest you to skip this caper because this story has been done to death!

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