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Mantra on High Jack: Here was a chance to play the tough guy

Author : Sayli Borkar

Mantra Mugdh is an actor, director, and producer. He will soon be seen as the lead in one of the most talked about stoner comedy film High Jack.

Team Bollywood Bee got a chance to have some candid conversation with Mantra and asked him about him doing films after a long time, the reason behind choosing High Jack and lots more. Read on to know all that the actor had to share with us.


1.What made you say yes to the role in High Jack?


After being known as a comic actor for all my life, here was a chance to play the tough guy. And when Akarsh Khurana narrated the script to me, I had no reason to say no. First of all, I loved the character and most importantly it was a chance to work with my favorite director once again. (I worked with Akarsh on a web series called ‘Boygiri’).


2.One memorable incident that took place on set?


We have a child artist, who like any other child was throwing tantrums, and the shot was on hold. I went up to the kid, and unlike everyone who was treating him like a kid, spoke to him as an adult and told him,

“Listen buddy, I am getting late because if you, I would appreciate if you’d act a little professional and give your shot, and we can all go home.”


Surprisingly he understood my emotions and we didn’t have any trouble with him ever again.

3.It is said that creative people aren’t easily satisfied. Is that true?


Once satisfied your journey is over.


4.What kind of roles is challenging for you?


I would like to do a role which would push me to my physical and emotional boundaries. I adore what Ranveer Singh is doing nowadays in Bollywood. What Heath Ledger has achieved in Dark Knight, and what Jim Carrey did in Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind.



5.A lot of times we don’t get to experience how an actor is a real life. How would you describe yourself?


I am a butterfly meets a falcon. I soar high and am a lover of beauty. I love travelling to new destinations, nothing gets me higher than that. I celebrate life…Every aspect of it.

6.What’s next?


Playing genie in Disney India’s Aladdin. A couple of web series. Sequel to my international film Rebellious Flower. And taking my podcast channel MnM Talkies to next level.

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