Goopi Gawaiya Bagha Bajaiya Quick Movie Review: Lacks Humour & Fun

Author : Pankaj Sabnani




Feature name: Goopi Gawaiya Bagha Bajaiya
Director: Shilpa Ranade
Voices by: Aditya Sharma, Manish Bhawan, Vishal Kumar, Shailendra Pande, Shahanawaz Pradhan, Rajeev Raj

Goopi Gawaiya Bagha Bajaiya is about two not-so-talented musicians whose fortunes suddenly change thanks to a ghost. The film isn’t bad but doesn’t have enough in it to hold your attention. The humour is also just about okay. Rajeev Raj & Maneesh Bhawan are excellent with their voiceovers.

We give this mediocre film 2 buzzing bees.

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