Chris Evans: “Thanos is the most powerful entity in the universe!”

Chris Evans
Author : Jeet Jobanputra

The phenomenal Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most popular and first Avenger Captain America is one of the eagerly awaited superhero fans are awaiting as Avengers: Infinity War releases on 27th April. Chris Evans who plays the character of Captain America aka Steve Rogers will next appear in Avengers: Infinity War, in an avatar unlike any that fans are used to seeing the star-spangled hero as. He’ll team up with other heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the aim of stopping Thanos in his quest to obtain the Infinity Stones and destroying the world.
Speaking about the menacing villain, when asked about his thoughts on Thanos, Chris Evans says,

“Thanos is the most challenging foe the Avengers have ever faced. The most powerful entity in the universe. So Captain America knows that we need everybody working as a team, and it’s been all driving towards this. That’s the best thing about Marvel. Every single movie has set the chessboard up for this really tense standoff. And it’s exciting to finally see Josh Brolin step on set as Thanos and see him become the character that we’ve been hearing about for so long.”

The actor also fondly speaks on coming back on sets with familiar faces,

“It’s powerful being on set with these people that you’ve been on almost a ten-year journey with. So many good memories. We get along so well; there’s no bad apple. It’s unbelievable that it’s worked out this way. I couldn’t imagine a better group of people to be sharing this ride with.”

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