James Cameron Congratulates Avengers: Endgame In A Very Coolest Way

Author : Grinell Jacinto
James Cameron Congratulates Avengers Endgame

James Cameron Congratulates Avengers Endgame

The final installment of Marvel’s AvengersAvengers: Endgame released this year and has now become the highest-grossing film of all time. The movie first released on April 26 and re-released on July 5 with some post-credits scene.

Avengers: Endgame started creating box office records on its release and left fans wondering if this superhero film will beat James Cameron’s Avatar. Well, they did it! The Russo Brothers’ directorial has dethroned Avatar as the no. 1 film with the highest grossing.

James Cameron took to Twitter and wished Marvel Studios on dethroning his film in a cool way:

To this Russo Brothers replied:

Congratulations to the team of Avengers. BTW, Avatar 2 is in the making guys

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