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Bollywood Bee Candid | Prashantt Guptha: I Go Bonkers Thinking About How I’ll Breathe On Camera

prashantt guptha
Author : Jeet Jobanputra

Prashantt Guptha, an American born actor who grew up in a Rajasthani household in Queens, New York recently collaborated with the Hollywood company, Mulberry. Team Bollywood Bee got a chance to interact with the actor and spoke to him about his collaboration, his inspiration to join Bollywood, Hollywood, and more.
Read on to know what Prashantt Guptha had to say:

  1. How did the collaboration with Mulberry films happen?

    The idea behind the company was initiated by its main heads, Gopi Sait and Rashaana Shah, around 2013. Both happened to be dear friends of mine years prior to that, and when I came to know such a development was happening, I bought in on it. It was seed money, to say the least, that we all pooled together, to bring prestige international books to the big screen. I knew they had the skills, passion, and integrity, and most certainly it was high time I replant one foot in the West too. Five years later, we are a total of 7 partners with 9 films and 2 shows in various stages of development and pre-production.

  2. What kind of roles challenge you the most?

    EVERY ROLE. I go bonkers thinking about how I’ll breathe on camera, it spares nothing, not even your thought. But to be more specific, any role that is different from what I have done before is what challenges me and drives me. Great acting is one thing, but versatility is a whole different pedestal, and that is what I am in pursuit of.

  3. How different is music in these three cities – Mumbai, New York and LA?

    I think one of the best ways to identify and compare the difference in music, not only in these 3 cities but in any city of the world, is to tap into what I call ‘the UBER experience.’ I have learned so much about cities, its people and its music because of what plays in the Uber, (or on the radio in general in Mumbai.) And let’s just say, the instruments are the same, the players are poles apart.

  4. Can you give us some details on your next song on Kishore Kumar which is to release in August?

    This will be my second Cover. The first was “Oh Duniya Ke Rakhwaale” and it’s there on youtube, had a fantastic result. The song itself will reveal the reason which I chose Kishore Kumar (or why he chose me). But yes, I guarantee it will motivate every listener immensely, and I intend to launch it on his birthday, August 4th. It was such a heartwarming experience shooting the music video at my home in Long Island, New York.

  5. What was the reason for you going digital and launching your youtube channel PRASHN?

    I grew up on the classics of Hindi films. That golden era from the 40’s to 70’s. And as a passionate singer, fairly good too, I needed an outlet to put my voice out there and bring those songs back to the present day that I feel have been forgotten. And not just any song, those that are reflective of today’s times and make us go within, and ask poignant questions… hence, Prashn.

  6. What’s next?

    Currently starring in four Hindi features and 2 shorts, and my first Hollywood film. Stay tuned!

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