Ranveer Singh & Vaani Kapoor’s Befikre Is Just An Elaborate Tourism Video For Paris.

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The film like every Yash Raj production looks visually gorgeous but that’s where the similarity ends. Paris looks stunning, Ranveer is his usual goofy, charming self & Vaani tries very hard to match up to Ranveer’s infectious vibe in the film.
Ranveer plays the role of Dharam, a regular guy from Karol Bagh, Delhi who goes to Paris to perform at a stand-up comedy club called Delhi Belly. For us peasants, this would be a very hard thing to do but in Aditya Chopra’s world, a struggling stand-up comedian lives in a posh apartment in PARIS, drives a bloody CONVERTIBLE and eats at expensive restaurants. We all know Ranveer has given some strong performances in the past but this is certainly not one of them.

Dharam meets the carefree & confident Shyra, in Paris & what follows is a lot of drunken singing, dancing, falling in & out of love, managing to remain friends at end of it all. The actress sings, dances and looks glam, it’s just the scenes where there was some real ‘acting’ required that the actress lets you down. Just recently, Vaani Kapoor blamed France’s weather for her face enhancement. We wish it worked on your acting too Vaani!
The only character that seems to stand out is the guy Shyra is supposed to marry. Will she break Dharam’s heart and marry Aney? Will Dharam and Shyra end up together! Dear God, the suspense! How will we ever live! *Eye roll

Aditya Chopra literally loses the plot towards the end. Everything & everyone looks glamorous but the story is as flat as the botox expressions on Vaani’s face, the actors are too busy having too much fun & fail to keep their hold on the characters. And if we didn’t know any better, we’d think this was the remake of another disappointing movie by the banner, ‘Neal N Nikki!’
All said & done, there is a brief nude back shot of Ranveer Singh which is well…cute. Ranveer’s contagious energy is the only element which will keep you from walking out of the theatre.

We’re giving ‘Befikre’ 1.5 buzzing bees. Watch it only if you have corner seats with bae.

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