Baazaar Quick Review: Baazaar Will Double Your Investments Of Movie Going Experience

Author : Siddhant Kanulkar


Director: Gauravv Chawla

Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Rohan Mehra, Chitrangda, Radhika Apte

Runtime: 140 min

Baazaar starring Saif Ali Khan as Shakun Kothari and Rohan Mehra as Rizwan Ahmed in lead revolves around money, power and their greed for it. It is a classic mentor (Shakun Kothari)- Rizwan Ahmed (Rohan Mehra) story set in the backdrop of the stock market and seems heavily inspired by Oliver Stone’s 1987 Oscar-winning Wall Street.

• Saif Ali Khan- Blue Chip.
• Rohan Mehra- Asset for now.
• Chitrangda- Asset.
• Radhika Apte- Asset.
• Direction- Asset.
• Dialogues- Asset.
• Costume- Asset.
• Cinematography- Asset.
• Music (Kem Cho)- Asset.

This Baazaar is one investment that is not subject to market risk.
We at Bollywood Bee give this Baazaar 4 buzzing bees and a pot full of money to invest.


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