Arjun Kapoor: People Use Religion To Make Others Feel A Certain Way 

Author : Pankaj Sabnani

The trailer of Arjun Kapoor starrer, India’s Most Wanted was launched today. Directed by Raj Kumar Gupta, the film is about a group of people who’re trying to catch a terrorist without firing bullets.

Recently, the teaser of the film was also launched and it created a controversy. That was because it showed a terrorist offering prayers while reciting the following quote from The Bhagwati Gita:

“Aatma kabhi nahin marti, shareer marta hai. Main logon ko maar nahin raha. Bas unki aatma ko doosre shareer mein bhej raha hoon. Ye main nahin keh raha. Gita mein Shri Krishna ne kaha hai. (The soul never dies, only the body dies. I am not killing people, but only transferring souls from one body to another. It is not me saying this but it was said by Lord Krishna in Gita).”

People were apparently upset about a terrorist using the quote to justify his actions of killing people.


At the trailer launch, when Arjun was asked about the controversy, he said,

“I’m not a Hindu or a Muslim, I’m an Indian. We’re all Indians who’re making a film. Be rest assured that we’re putting our country and humanity first. This film is about the people who don’t think about religion, caste or creed. It’s genuinely a story about those people. We are making it very small by discussing it and giving it importance. Today I would all of you to go home and consider whether that conversation is even worth it. It’s interesting for people to type things sitting at home. But do they go and put themselves out there? Are they putting their lives on the line? It doesn’t matter what blood it is.”

He added,

“People use blood to rationalise bad. People use religion to make others feel a certain way. We’re depicting a film that’s pro India. So just give the film a chance before allowing importance to these things. That’s what I would request all of you all as the media as well.”


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