Tera Intezaar Quick Review: A Disaster

tera intezaar
Author : Jeet Jobanputra

Tera Intezaar’s story begins with Raunak (Sunny Leone) lying on the floor unconscious in a bungalow full of paintings owned by Veer Singh Rajput (Arbaaz Khan) a closet painter.
She exits from a gate to find veer and from the other gate enter four shady-looking villains, who magically get trapped into a set of paintings made by Veer and which they had come to steal.

They re-emerge in some mystical other-world where mangoes fly in the air and paintings paint themselves (but hey, weren’t they already inside a painting? What is with this obsession of Bollywood with Inception?)

There onwards, Tera Intezaar changes into a bizarre ghost story. People get kidnapped, eloped, murdered. And there’s a ghostbuster too. Oh my god, it’s much worse than words can ever explain. Then there are twists, more twists and some more twists till you lose the track, or get twisted in the head.

This movie is a one you should definitely avoid.

We give it ZERO Bees! Although my head is definitely buzzing with the torture!

Watch the Trailer here:

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