Latest Strong Bollywood Female Characters Who Inspired Us The Most

Author : Kanika Shrivastava

As the festival of Navratri is getting closer we can’t stop thinking about why it is celebrated in the first place. Goddess Durga defeated her demon Mahishasur and proved the power of being a lady.

In the modern era, we follow this ritual and fight our own demons every day. Similarly, in Bollywood, some female characters are written to break the social shackles and prosper on their own.

In real life, Sania Mirza smashed her doubters, Chanda Kocchar cashed-in on her abilities to become CEO of ICICI, Kalpana Chawla flew so high to achieve her dreams that even sky couldn’t contain her. Just like these Wonder Women off-screen, we were lucky to see the superhero female characters on screen too!

Here are 10 films in which the female characters broke the myth of being a weaker sex and emerged as a hero!
1. Mary Kom: A mother and a fighter, Priyanka Chopra had put all her heart and soul in portraying the boxer Mary Kom on the screen, perfectly.

2. Queen: How we all love this film! Rani a.k.a Queen goes on a solo journey to find herself after she gets dumped on her wedding day.

3. Mardaani: A ‘Dabangg’ lady cop saves teenage girls from a villain who kidnaped them to be trafficked.

4. English Vinglish: A mother taunted by her family all the time for being a ‘gawaar’ and not knowing any English takes an initiative to learn to speak it fluently.

5. Neerja: Based on a true story, A 22 Y.O. brave air-hostess saves a bunch of passengers in a plane-hijack and sacrifices her life while doing that.

6. Secret Superstar: A young girl with big dreams fights against her orthodox father and makes sure that her voice is heard by the entire nation.

7. MOM: A step-mom played by Sridevi fighting for the justice of her daughter who gets sexually harassed. Do I need to even say more?

8. Love Sonia: A harrowing tale about a simple village girl who goes into the search of her sister and gets sucked into the filthy world of Human-trafficking but comes out a winner.

9. Raazi: A Daughter. A Wife. And A Spy. Alia Bhatt steps into the shoes of a secret agent for her country and stops the Ghazi Attack.

10. Naam Shabana: Prequal to baby starring Taapsee Pannu is a story about a secret agent fighting against crimes and taking revenge for her lover’s death is one gripping tale.

So, here we give you the perfect list to binge-watch this holiday season.


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