22 Yards Quick Movie Review: This Movie Is An Unfit Pitch

Author : Siddhant Kanulkar


Director: Mitali Ghoshal

Cast: Barun Sobti, Rajit Kapur, Panchi Bora, Rajesh Sharma

Runtime: 124 minutes.

22 Yards is a story of Ron Sen’s (Barun Sobti) fall from grace and back on to it as a Sports agent for leading players of the Indian cricket team.

Barun Sobti is the lone run-scorer while chasing the target of making a watchable film.

The story looks good on paper but director Mithali Ghoshal messes it up in execution.

Bad acting apart from Barun Sobti, shaky and bad camera angles, stock images of IPL matches and loud background score contribute to a film which should be labeled in “do not watch” list.

We give 22 Yards 1 buzzing bee and a pot of honey to the sweet savior of the film, Barun Sobti.


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