This Eid Get ready to immerse yourself with these mouth watering delicacies

Author : Arjun Shastry

It’s Eid tomorrow and we know even if you are celebrating it or not, you are definitely going to eat some amazing delicacies. Just thinking of the biryani and kheer my mouth is already watering.

Being a lover of food myself, we at BollywoodBee bring you some mouth watering dishes you can stuff your self with tomorrow.

Check out our favourite Eid special foods we are craving:

  1. Kebabs


Hot and spicy Seekh Kebab served with fresh onions, mint leaves and chutney

Seekh kababs, mutton kababs, chicken kababs or lamp kababs, you think and you will find it on it. A yummy starter that is a must at Eid-Al-Fitr is a combination of meat with spices cooked over coals. My mouth’s watering already.
Kebabs are traditionally eaten with naans, rumali rotis and now even breads.

  1. Kichra or Haleem


Hot, spicy with a dash of lemon and onions – that the way we love it

Popularity known as kichra in India and the sub-continent, this dish is an hour long preparation of meat (chicken, mutton, beef or mince) with broken wheat, lentils and spices.
The dish can be eaten with naans or rotis and even as a stew. Generally it is served with crisp brown onions, coriander and lemon.

  1. Biryani


Hot and Spicy biryani with cool raita

If it’s Eid and if you don’t eat biryani I guess it isn’t Eid yet then! Right?
Chicken, mutton and now even veg, biryani is the king of all food at the table. This scrumptious dish is one of the main courses and is a beautiful blend of spice, dry fruits, meat and rice. Biryani is normally eaten with curds.

  1. Korma


Best eat this spicy mutton gravy with naan or rotis

A spicy mutton gravy slowly cooked to perfection with an assortment of spices and flavor, you shouldn’t miss out on it.

  1. Sheer Korma


Sheer Korma looks appetizing garnished with dry fruits

Sheer Korma is a must on Eid and if you have Muslim neighbours and friends we bet you will have different types of the dish at home. With vermicelli, milk, dry fruits and some flavors (vanilla, kesar, mango, etc.), sheer korma varies in consistency.

Some other Eid delicacies include Nalli Nihari, Kaleji, Seviyan, Halwa, phirni and falooda.


An appetizing dish of Nalli Nihari


Wishing all our brothers and sisters Eid Mubarak and guys don’t forget to take your Eidi from your elders (wink!). Also, please do workout post stuffing yourself for these foods are full of fats and sugar that you need to burn. You know what I am saying, right?


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