Rock On Revisited will take you down memory lane!

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Have many of you have screamt ‘Hai Yeh Waqt ka Ishaara’ after someone said ‘Rock On’? We know we have! After 8 years, Team Magik is coming back to the big screen with some special new additions! While the trailer of the movie piqued everyone’s curiosity, it’s the music that’s standing out.

Released today, Rock On Revisited takes you down the memory lane and you can’t help smile when you are singing alone.

The chemistry between the band takes the music video to another level of familiarity!


Whether it is Farhan Akhtar And Arjun Rampal jamming the lines together or Purab Kohli and Shashank Arora grooving to the music, you will definitely give the video another watch


Special shout-out to the gorgeous Shraddha Kapoor – who adds a beautiful ‘zing’ to the song. She’s a singer to watch out for! This one’s definitely going on the playlist!


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