When Bollywood Meet Sports, This Is What Happens On Koffee With Karan.

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In the last episode, Karan Johar invited his best friend Farah Khan with Sania Mirza on the Koffee couch. The entire episode was filled with Farah Khan’s sass and Sania Mirza’s wittiness and we got to see an entirely different side of the award winning tennis player. Here are our five favorite moments from the last episode.

When Sania and Farah spoke about their non-publicized friendship:
Farah Khan and Sania Mirza made their first on-screen appearance on “The Kapil Sharma Show,” and that’s where the story of their friendship started doing rounds. Here’s what they’ve had to say about their not-so-known friendship.

When Farah Khan gave us honest movie reviews:

This should totally be a thing. Farah Khan reviewed some of the hit films of last year with the one thing she is best known for – her expressions!

When Farah played the lucky mascot for Sania:
Sania won her Wimbledon match last year, and Farah Khan was there cheer her BFF up. Now you know whom to call as the lucky mascot!

When Farah Khan spilled the beans on Karan’s evil side:
Karan Johar is no saint and Farah Khan made sure people knew that on the Koffee Couch. Karan’s devilish side is finally out and here’s what Farah has to say about his actions:

When Farah wanted Hrithik to be his nanny:
Six packs, that Greek God smile, makes dinner AND takes care of babies? WHO wouldn’t dream of that. Can you image Hrithik Roshan playing with kids, shirtless in a pool? Ya, Farah Khan wants something like that too!

The episode was quite funny and we’ll go out on a limb and say that the duo is setting new #FriendshipGoals for all of us! What say?

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