Kaabil trailer is out & it is all kinds of mind-blowing!

Author : Author At BB

Woah! We just watched the Kaabil trailer & then watched it again. Two visually challenged people falling in love is not new, but what’s new is the way Hrithik adds depth & character to his role & the story.

The trailer reveals may be a little too much. If we had to pick our favorite, it would definitely be the dialogue where Hrithik says, “Ye khel shuru unho ne kiya, tamasha aapne dekha…Ab khatam main karunga!” – (Total goose bumps moment) Hrithik plays the role of a lover being wronged well & will do anything to bring justice to his love, Yami.

As usual, Yami Gautam looks beautiful throughout the trailer but we have surely seen her as the wife for whom the husband fights the world before (Badlapur). Here’s hoping there is more to her story in the movie than just that. Watch the trailer here:

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