John Abraham: This is the first time I am playing someone who is still serving

Author : Grinell Jacinto
John Abraham in Batla House

John Abraham in Batla House

John Abraham is one actor who has always played versatile characters. After playing an undercover agent in RAW: Romeo Akbar Walter, John will be seen essaying the part of DCP Sanjeev Kumar Yadav in Balta House. This character is based on that of a real life character.

The film is based on the Batla House operation that took place in 2008 where Sanjeev played an integral role in the same. Playing a real life character who is still serving makes the role even more exciting. This is what John had to say on the same,

“The responsibility is even bigger as this is the first time I am playing someone who is still serving. If he (Sanjeev Kumar) thinks I am not good enough, he can shoot me (laughs!). So, I better be good at portraying him in the film.”

Talking about the challenges and in extra efforts he put in for the role, he said,

“I spent a lot of time with Sanjeev and his wife Shobhna to understand his mindset, body language, the way he sits, stands, talks, reacts to situations and what he went through. I had a million questions for him.”

Since there are different perpectives about the incident, John says,

“Batla House is not anti or pro any community or political establishment. It’s a story of this man’s life and what he went through. To put it in simple words, it’s a story of one man’s life. I am aware that there will be conflicting views even if you stick to facts as closely as possible. However, the idea is to build a conversation and I hope we have done that with this film. One way of looking at it is to show different perspectives to the story and the other is to make the audience think and give them a reason for constructive argument.”

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