Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Insult Each Other & It Is Freakin’ Funny!

Author : Author At BB

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt recently visited the Playground Insults studio to promote their new movie, The Passengers. For those of you who don’t know much about the format of the show – BBC Radio 1 pits celebrities to out-insult each other. Whoever manages to crack up the most intense insult (yet keep it fun) wins the round!

From jokes about Chris’ ‘awful’ acting to Jennifer being the worst superhero in the Marvel Universe, the duo were pretty good at the challenge. Sure, they might have missed a punch or two, but the video is sure to tickle your funny bone.
Fair warning – From the start, it’s pretty obvious who the winner would be, but the video will surprise you.
Here’s the full five minute roast of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.

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