Characters Vin Diesel Aced On The Silver Screen

Vin Diesel Standout Characters
Author : Grinell Jacinto

Do you know Mark Sinclair? I guess no. Do you know Vin Diesel? Yes, the same guy from the Fast & Furious and xXx movie franchise. Well, Vin is Mark’s stage name and he gained immense recognition worldwide as Dominic Toretto and Xander Cage.

Vin Diesel Standout Characters

Vin Diesel

Vin is an actor, producer, director and a screenwriter. He is known for his kickass action scenes, marvelous roles and power-packed performances.

Today, as Vin Diesel rings his birthday, here are some roles that made us fall in love with the actor. Have a look:

Richard B. Riddick – The Chronicles of Riddick series
Vin features as the titular character in the sci-fi movie franchise.

Groot – Guardians Of Galaxy

Vin Disesel as Groot in Guardians Of Galaxy

Groot – Guardians Of Galaxy

The actor voices the character of Groot, a tree who is in outer space in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His character has been loved by kids and adults. He doesn’t have many dialogues as Groot but the dialogue “I Am Groot” has struck a chord with all.

Lieutenant Shane Wolfe – The Pacifier

Vin Diesel as Lieutenant Shane Wolfe in The Pacifier

Lieutenant Shane Wolfe – The Pacifier

The Pacifier is an action comedy film where Vin plays the role of Lieutenant Shane Wolfe, a United States Navy SEAL assigned to protect a family with 4 kids and to do so he becomes their nanny. The movie is very entertaining. This film shows Diesel is more than just an action actor.

Xander Cage – xXx series

Vin Diesel as Xander Cage in the  xXx series

Xander Cage – xXx series

The actor plays the role of a thrill-seeking extreme sports enthusiast, stuntman, and rebellious athlete-turned-reluctant spy for the National Security Agency. He is sent on a dangerous mission to Europe to uncover a plan that can have catastrophic effects.

Private Adrian Caparzo – Saving Private Ryan
Vin Diesel’s role in this Steven Spielberg war drama was limited, but the actor leaves a lasting impression. Even though he is the first to die in the platoon sent to save Private Ryan, his death while trying to rescue a little girl will move your heart.

Last but not least, everyone’s favorite,

Dominic Toretto – The Fast And Furious Series

Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto in the Fast And Furious Series

Dominic Toretto – The Fast And Furious Series

This character doesn’t need much to be told. He plays Dom a street racer who put family and friends above all others.

Happy Birthday, Vin Diesel, have an awesome year ahead.

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