Table No. 5 Quick Review: A Mini-Series With Twisted Ends

Author : Pratiksha Mestry

Table No 5, a quirky series of 6 episodes – 6 different stories, which revolve around a table at a restaurant. The series is an entire entertainment package of versatile actors such as Swanand Kirkire, Namit Das, and Pitobash Tripathy. The unexpected characters are stuck in bizarre situations over table conversations, here’s how the series goes!

Episode 1: Magician
Magician shares a story of two tricksters meeting each other at a table. The duo engages themselves into some tricks and what comes in the platter will blow your mind.

Episode 2, Snake and Ladders
In Snake and Ladders, two strangers bond together over a game, and a roll of dice decide a man’s fate.

Episode 3, Niyati
A funny take on making right decisions in life, Niyati will surely win your heart.

Episode 4, Walkie
A girl meets boy, but this date turns nightmarish when the girl answers the walkie-talkie and talks to the dead.

Episode 5, Wanted
What will you do when you encounter a serial killer in your own restaurant? And if he is all busy eating food on one of your tables?

Episode 6, Suicide Of A Bomber
A human bomb, who is waiting at the restaurant table to click at the right time, it’s a shooting schedule at the venue that ruins his plan. A petty fight changes everyone’s fate.

If you are in for some 12-minute content driven episodes, Table No. 5 is awaiting you! Apart from startling stories, the amazing cinematography makes this one a great web experience.

We give this one 3 buzzing bees.

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