Missing Quick Movie Review: Bollywood’s Crime Patrol

Missing Quick Movie Review: Bollywood’s Crime Patrol
Author : Hetal Sawant

Feature Name: Missing
Director: Mukul Abhyankar
Starring: Manoj Bajpayee, Tabu, Annu Kapoor
Run Time: 120 minutes

Remember the cartoon “Scooby-Doo”, where they would try to find the culprit in the entire episode, where all the clues lead up to one person only and in the end, the least expected turns out to be the villain. Yes, that’s what the movie “Missing” is all about.

This psychological thriller fails to amuse the audience throughout the movie, with brilliant casting but poor execution. Debut director Mukul Abhyankar had a great story written but the essence of thriller was replaced with laughter in theatre as the movie came to its end.

Watch the trailer here:

Tabu and Manoj played their characters well, with both showing different traits of mental illness along with constant lying to Annu Kapoor ( Indo-Mauritius Cop), who was altogether a more complicated fellow talking French and Bhojpuri at the same time.

The only thing making this one a thriller is the loud annoying music in the background played every time a truth was revealed.

We give it 1.5 buzzing bees.

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