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Katrina Kaif To Surprise Her Fans In US & Canada With A Special Act

Author : Sayli Borkar

Katrina Kaif is certainly a huge crowd puller with her amazing dance moves and her sexy abs at the Dabangg Tour and is never the one to disappoint fans. Inside sources reveal that the star has a surprise in store for her fans and is preparing for a different kind of act for the US & Canadian leg of the tour.



Adds the source:

“Katrina is extremely hard working and is always game for experimentation. She also picks up the steps rather quickly, because of the hours she puts in practising and rehearsing. Be it belly dancing, Aerial aerobics or hip-hop, Katrina has done it all. For the Dabangg tour in Canada & the US, she is planning a special live acrobatic act, which requires a lot of focus and also requires her to work on her flexibility. Apart from training hard at the gym, Katrina has also been rehearsing the choreography around the clock. The organizers have kept the details under wraps as they want it to be a surprise for all Katrina fans”.


Katrina’s trainer Yasmin Karachiwala has designed a special workout regimen to build her core strength and the star hits the gym for 2 hours every day.


Says Yasmin:

“I have designed a special Pilates workout for her, which is specific to her dance moves. It is essential to build her muscle strength so that she can pull off acrobatic dance moves effortlessly”.



It was only recently that Katrina broke the internet with her act for the closing of the IPL. The actress, who was rumored to be the highest paid, had a ten-minute performance of her blockbuster songs including Swag Se Swagat and Kamli.

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