Helicopter Eela Quick Review: Will Love This Tug Of War Between The Mother And Her Son

Author : Siddhant Kanulkar

Director: Pradeep Sarkar

Cast: Kajol, Riddhi Sen, Tota Roy Choudhary, Zakir Hussain

Runtime: 2hr 11mins

Helicopter Eela is a story revolving around the complicated relationship of a mother Eela (Kajol) and her son Vivaan (Riddhi Sen). Helicopter Eela talks about the important issue of how dreams have no expiry date. An aspiring singer Eela decides to join the college with her son and how the relationship gets complex is what the rest of the story revolves around.
Kajol is adorable as always even when she is leaving her fingerprints on Riddhi Sen’s cheeks. Riddhi Sen takes his role of a college-going boy like a duck takes to water.

All departments have done their job except for the foremost one, the writing department.

The movie will remind you many moments lived with your mom ranging from childhood to adulthood.

P.S.- Dabba>You.

We give Helicopter Eela 3 buzzing bees with Dabba full of honey.


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