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Harshwardhan Kapoor Is Asking The Wrong Question About Filmfare Awards!

Author : Author At BB

At the recent award ceremony for Filmfare, Diljit Dosanjh took home the much deserved Filmfare award for best debutant (male). If you have seen Udta Punjab, then you know that the actor did a great job as Sartaj Singh in the movie.
Harshwardhan Kapoor, who debuted in Mirzya this year won the accolade at all award shows except for Filmfare. And clearly, he didn’t take it very well. Here’s what he said –

“I won every award except Filmfare. Some awards have a jury and they decide. Some have a popular vote. I don’t know how they decided this year. I think debutant awards should be for people who are relatively new to films. Otherwise, it is like saying I have done 100 English films and now I am doing a Hindi film so I am a debutant. So if Leonardo Di Caprio wins an Oscar and then comes to do a Bollywood movie, he is a debutant which is not something I agree with.”

Sigh. Harshwardhan, you’re asking the WRONG question. The question isn’t whether Diljit Dosanjh is technically a debutant or not, the question is – Were you more deserving than him? Did you manage to create a bigger mark than he did? In fact, there are a lot of people who truly believe that Diljit should have won the award at other ceremonies too. He was spectacular and flawless in his performance, yours could still do with a little more..finesse! Irrespective of whether it came with experience or not, he is STILL new to Bollywood.
So technically, our Bollywood divas have been in the entertainment business for over a decade and have entered Hollywood this year. So they shouldn’t receive any awards, accolades or praise for venturing into a new territory right? If a TV actor does his first movie in Bollywood, he is not really a ‘debutant’ and so shouldn’t be nominated for an award show that is categorically ONLY about Bollywood. Right? If Leonardo DeCaprio debuted in Bollywood, did a beautiful job playing a role in a language he had a little difficulty with and was BETTER than other actors in that year, we’ll be damned if he doesn’t receive an award.

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