Looks Like The Makers Of Half Girlfriend Were Half Baked While Making This Movie!

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You know when Chetan Bhagat’s book came out, it took the whole country by storm. A storm that only put a stamp on the fact that you can’t write words, and proclaim that you wrote a story. Have you read the book? Seriously, it makes no sense.


Here’s a run through of what the movie is about – Bihari boy goes to college, falls in love with a rich Delhi girl, gets friend-zoned, doesn’t take it as a hint because he is f*cking stupid, obsesses about how much he loves her, she leaves him, they meet again, they part ways, he stalks her, they meet and happily ever after. There, we saved you 300 rupees on the tickets and the 500 you would spend on eating because chewing is more entertaining than EVERY scene in this god forsaken movie!


Here are the three major things wrong with the movie – An awful story, Arjun Kapoor’s atrocious acting and his horrifying accent.


Story – The first question we want to ask is, why would anybody invest this much money into a story that didn’t do so well as a book? There are so many things wrong with the movie, but most of all it’s the narrative that takes a knife and stabs your soul repeatedly. My auto rickshaw wala narrates a better story yaar! His story about how someone made him wait for 20 minutes for 50 rupees ka change had me hooked more than this movie!


Arjun’s acting – Invisible.


Arjun’s accent – His accent is so off it puts you to sleep. He can’t pull off the struggling poor Bihari boy who is trying to win the heart of a girl clearly out of his league. He just can’t. His snooty-privileged producer ka ladka attitude sneaks up every now and then in the way he carries himself to how the dialogues are delivered. Also no consistency.


Oh, the movie also stars Shraddha Kapoor who fails to make an impression. Sure her song is not half bad but it’s not that good either. It’s time to seriously stop with the clichéd movies and love stories, and do some justice to the world of cinema that you have been so lucky to be a part of.


You know, this would have been a lot more fun if it only had 15 minutes of Vikrant Massey talking and working out while it rains. And THIS raises the BIGGEST question of all – Why is Bollywood so hell bent on using ‘famous faces’ as it’s leading hero? Why don’t actors who ACTUALLY know how to act get their due? Like Vikrant Massey? He would have made the movie a tad bit bearable because he actually made an effort to learn the Bhojpuri accent.


Buzzing Bees – Sure. Whatever. NO.

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