This Gesture By A Sanjay Dutt Fan Will Leave You In A Shock

Sanjay Dutt
Author : Sayli Borkar

What? Anyone would have the same reaction after reading the title but yes. It’s shockingly true. In India, Bollywood is an integral part of a commoner’s life and we have many examples where fans have crossed all the boundaries to prove their fandoms. Recently even Sanjay Dutt experienced such a fan moment. As we all know Sanju Baba has a massive fan following. And the actor recently was in a shock when he got to know about an unusual gesture that a fan did for him.


Nishi Harishchandra Tripathi, who resides in Walkeshwar in South Mumbai, recently passed away at the age of 62. Her attorney who recently unveiled her will said that Nishi was a huge fan of Sanjay Dutt and she has left all her property in his name.
Shocking right?


On the other hand, when the actor came to know about this, he said that he wouldn’t be taking a penny from her property. He has told to give away the belongings to Nishi’s family i.e her 80-year-old mother and three siblings.


Sanjay Dutt had received a call from Bank Of Baroda regarding the locker of Nishi. Sanjay is currently taking the help of his attorney Subhash Jadhav in order to finish off the legal formalities.
Bank of Baroda authorities also showed a detailed letter and the nominee form that clearly states that her belongings are being willed to Film Star Sanjay Dutt and it also included the nominee’s address as Dutt’s Pali Hill residence.
Well! we are sure that everyone in the industry will be in a shock after hearing about such a gesture followed by a fan.

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