Christopher Nolan’s gripping war drama, Dunkirk’s trailer is out!

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After its teaser in August, the gritty trailer of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk is finally here. Dunkirk, by the looks of it is a film about the World War II battle that lasted for 10 days and the evacuation in the French city in 1940.

The trailer of the war film is kept as close to reality as possible & the effort is commendable. The wide range shots of the war make you feel like you’re part of it too. From dead bodies floating in the sea to soldiers being attacked from the skies, the two-minute preview certainly holds your attention. While the trailer looks visually perfect, it fails to establish & connect the audience with its characters.

Dunkirk stars Kenneth Branagh, newcomer Fionn Whitehead, Mark Rylance and Nolan. It also stars the talented, Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy where Tom plays a pilot in Dunkirk & Cillian portrays a sailor who survived the submarine attack only to be brought back to fight in Dunkirk.

The trailer has also garnered a lot of attention as it marks the debut of the One Direction star, Harry Styles. But, it’s a letdown for his fans as you get to see him for a brief moment in the trailer with other young soldiers witnessing the war wreak havoc in front of them.

Dunkirk is set to arrive in theaters on July 21st.

Watch the trailer here:

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