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Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer Is Out AND WHAT THE HELL!

Author : Author At BB

Breathe people. Breathe! Marvel just dropped the Thor: Ragnarok teaser and it is ALL sorts of amazing! If you are a fan, prepare to be shocked, stunned and scream.

The trailer starts with Thor hanging upside down in what seems to be another universe. A voice-over reads your thoughts out loud – How did this happen? What follows is a bunch of fabulous things that are EVERYTHING! From the fate of the hammer (oh the hammer) to Tom Hiddleston walking like a total boss, from A SHORT HAIRED SEXY AF Thor coming out to fight to WHO he fights, the teaser trailer is everything you would hope for and more.

Don’t waste your time reading this, watch, drool, scream and enjoy!

Watch the trailer here –

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