Shekhar Kapur at IFFI DAY 6: Fear Is A Dreat Driver Of Creativity

Shekhar Kapur at IFFI Day 6
Author : Jeet Jobanputra

Shekhar Kapur shed some light on the impact of social media and the need for content-driven films in Indian Cinema on the 6th day of the ongoing International Film Festival of India (IFFI) .

Here are some highlights of day 6:

-Press conference on Cinema of the World

The press conference ‘Cinema of the World’ was attended by Sheron Dayoc, director of Weeping River, Mehrdad Sedigihan, Actor/ High noon story and Sandra da Fonsec, Producer Montpamasse.

“My movie ‘Children of The Night’ is from a true story from my boarding school. The school had an impact on my friend’s mind that was caught for an attempt to murder.” – Andrea de Sica

After watching the film, Andrea De Sica stated, “Such kind of a story is unexpected and also the climax. So it’s always intriguing how audience react to such content. I conceived the movie like getting a punch in my stomach.’’

Sandra da Fonsec said that most of her crew comprised of young females.

-Masterclass with Shekhar Kapoor

A masterclass was conducted by Shekhar Kapoor on – ‘Creativity lies in what you have practised’.

This class also saw Sushant Singh Rajput in attendance.

‘’There is no right or wrong in creativity, the transcendence has an energy which goes beyond the screen. We’re ruthless in the pursuit of transcendence. My films tell a large story, the moment I think of my films as a business, I make a bad film.”

He continued,

“The only wisdom, as you move, is, ‘Wisdom is the fact each time you start is never done before because if it’s done before then why are you doing it again. Fear is the great driver of creativity’.”

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