Maaya’s First Episode Is Out And It’s An Underwhelming Kickstart Of Vikram Bhatt’s Web Series.

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Vikram Bhatt is famous for his mysterious plots and twisting storylines, and VERY mediocre movies. Maaya, my friends, is no different. When the trailer was released it was pretty obvious that web series would be the first to tap into BDSM. It’s not 50 Shades Of Grey CLEARLY. Because a) What is this? And b) Where is the hot guy?

The first episode of the web series was released and it’s…interesting. To sum up for you, the lead, Sonia, is having an emotional breakdown, when she hears Rahul (no idea who the guy is) has been arrested in a murder case of a renowned builder Salim. Soon after, Sonia’s husband Abhishek enters and finds her standing under the shower, fully clothed.

Later, Abhishek takes her to the hospital and figures out that his wife is suffering from retrograde amnesia. We got you, don’t Google it! Retrograde amnesia is a disease, where a patient suffers from a partial memory loss. Yep! The leading lady has now lost six important months of her life.

Mr. Bhatt has made sure to give us a few glimpses of erotic scenes which are not erotic at all. We mean, not even one bit. If you are planning to watch the entire series, watch it at your own risk!

The episode will give you every reason to face palm yourself. Check it out:

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