Throwback: 6 Disappointing Movies Of 2016!

Author : Author At BB

Mohenjo Daro –

These are the only three things the movie taught us
1) How to get history wrong
2) How to bronze your entire face and body for NO REASON
3) How to save money by reading reviews and not going for this movie.

Rock On 2 –

A good case study when you want to ruin a good old classic for everyone. The only saving grace was Shraddha Kapoor and let’s face it even she couldn’t hold the poor storyline together.

Ki & Ka –

This was a comedy wasn’t it? Sure, the concept was different and enough to drag people to the theatres but the story and screenplay did nothing to match up to our expectations. You’d think an R Balki movie would make you go ‘WOW’ when you came out of the theatre. Sadly, we came out saying ‘Ow’

Mirzya –

Why oh why Mirzya. The only point the movie gets is for the stunning performances by the lead actors. It looks beautiful, sounds beautiful and misses something very important beautifully too – logic and story.

Fitoor –

The only thing we remember from this movie is Katrina Kaif’s much talked about red hair and maybe Aditya Roy Kapoor’s good looks!

Baar Baar Dekho –

Let’s not even start talking about Baar Baar Dekho. You’d expect a GENIUS mathematician to be smart but what you get is a dud. And the story outdoes Sidharth and Katrina’s acting when it comes to giving you a headache.

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