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KRK Says Bigg Boss 10 Winners Are Fixed.

Author : Author At BB

Kamaal Rashid Khan, the man who knows it all, the no. 1 critic who thinks each one of us is a sorry excuse for human race has a new opinion to make. KRK has enlightened us with another piece of epic information. How will WE EVER LIVE WITHOUT THIS MAN!

Okay now that the pukefest is over, Mr. Know It All predicted that Rohan Mehra would win Bigg Boss 10 and has started cribbing and crying like a child because he was wrong. As we all know, Rohan Mehra was recently evicted from the house and KRK’s “bhavishyavaani” was wrong (again). Now, as Bigg Boss 10 finale is around the corner, he has a new winner in his mind, and it’s none other than Bani J. He took to twitter and explained his theory about the BB winners. Take a look –


Okay! So all the voters are “idiots.”

Sigh. Kya hoga iska?

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