Alia Bhatt: I don’t need to keep up to Ranveer Singh’s energy

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Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt

Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt starrer are all set for the release of Gully Boy on 14th February. The movie talks about a young boy who wants to break free and move up in the world with the help of his music.

At a group interview yesterday, the leading actress, Alia Bhatt, opened up about her role, rap music, Ranveer Singh and much more. Read on to know it all.

The trailer that released around a month ago opened up to rave reviews and appreciation. Talking about the appreciation the trailer and songs have received, here’s what Alia had to say,

“Not at all (anticipation such good response).”

She continued

“Honestly when I saw the trailer I definitely knew that it was a very solid unit and it was communicating the film correctly. Because it’s a tricky way to communicate a film like this which is actually the journey of a boy but then you have me and you need to introduce it correctly. It is not a love story but there is a track in it which is very important in the film, etc. etc. and of course and the other characters and music, how you balance that out and not confuse people.”

Elaborating further she said,

“The unit was very strong but the response we got to it was extremely overwhelming. It’s my most positive response I’ve gotten to a trailer ever.

We were very surprised. Everyone was not surprised like in a ‘Oh! How is this possible’ but ‘Oh! So much love we didn’t expect’. “

Concluding her excitement on the response the trailer and song received she said that they (she and the team) are nervous because now the expectation is a bit high. She said that it’s easier when there isn’t much anxiety when the expectations are low.

She added,

“We saw the film last night and I have to say I’m pretty happy, I don’t think people will be disappointed.”

Talking about the love Gully Boy is receiving from smaller towns and cities Alia said,

“The reason I think it is happening is because I think the story is very true – of an underdog who ‘s told he has to lead a certain life. There’s no other life he can imagine for himself. Every one – no matter how big or small we are or where we are in life, we will always have a certain dream we want to fulfill it. I think when you make a story about passion and achieving, real struggle and truth, anyone and everyone will connect to it.”

Talking about the factors she takes in lot consideration while choosing a film she said,

“According to me the only thing that should matter when I take up a film is the writing of the story. The only thing that should matter in a film is the writing of the story and the writing of the character.

Sometimes you may get a story where the character is amazing but the film is not really matching up – it doesn’t balance out for me. Other than that nothing should matter. Who the director decides to take – and of course the director (matters) – as you co-star, music director, that should not be your prerogative at all unless your producing the film – which I’m not yet.

None of this matters – it’s just the writing, the writing, the writing.”

Talking about the memes been made on her Gully Boy character and dialogues, the Highway actress says she is very happy. Because to her memes means it’s connected to all.

Talking about playing an all-out free-spirited Mumbai character, Alia Bhatt said.

“I had a lot of fun. I’m not really like that in person but I do obviously have this tapori side to me. Because when I was playing this character I was feeling it. One may think I’m a Juhu girl, all hoitti-toitti and all, but actually there is a strong Mumbaikar in my heart, in my DNA and I felt pretty comfortable playing it.”

Talking about her character Ali said,

“One of the main things that I enjoyed about this character was that she doesn’t have time for nonsense. She’ll say what she has to and will get it done she wants to get it done. That I love. That attitude is like amazing – it’s so free.”

Comparing her real life to the character, the Raazi actress said she is not like her. She said that there may be little similarities between them but not much.

Alia also said that the film has no song or rap that she has voiced. She justifies by saying that there is more to the film that just the songs. She feels like her role was strong enough and didn’t require a song to feature her.

Talking about co-star Ranveer Singh and matching his energy Alia Bhatt said,

“Not really (marching his energy). It’s nice, he takes over, I look at him and then he calms down, then I start talking. I don’t need to keep up to his energy. I like to enjoy his energy. Whenever I don’t want to give (energy), he gives mine also and I get to chill for a bit.”

Talking about Ranveer as a performer she said that he is lovely and has blown her mind. He’s fantastic.

Alia said she didn’t really know about the rap world in India besides names like Divine and Naezy. She also said that after being a part of Gully Boy she now knows how lively the hip hop culture is. She concluded that they are not given a proper commercial platform.

Speaking about the film she said,

“I had a blast on Gully Boy.”

The stars are headed to Berlin for the film’s premiere at the Berlin Film Festival. Talking about it the actress said,

“I’m very nervous but very excited.”

“I’ve got these different looks for everyday, so I’m very excited for my looks. Berlin’s a very tough crowd and I’ve been there before for Highway. This time it’s in competition and it’s a big big deal and I think they are really going to love it.”

Loosely based on the life of street rappers Divine and Naezy, it stars Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt. This Zoya Akhtar directorial also features Kalki Koechlin, Vijay Raaz and Siddhant Chaturvedi in supporting roles. Produced by Excel Entertainment and Tiger Baby, Gully Boy is all set to release this Valentines’s Day – 14th February.

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