Wonder Quick Review: An Unusual Message Of Love Will Leave You Teary Eyed

Author : Pratiksha Mestry

Auggie (Jacob Tremblay), a 10-year-old child of Nate (Owen Willson) and Isabel Pullman (Julia Roberts), gets into the middle-school and he was home-schooled for the rest of his life. Appearing in public for the first time, Auggie goes through a lot of bullying and ridicule because of his facial deformities. Wonder shares a heart-warming tale of a family, who goes through a phase of life, highlighting the ups and downs of Augie, and his teenage sister Via, who lacks love from her parents.

Wonder will leave you all awestruck by the end of the frame. With a great storyline and spectacular direction, Stephen Chbosky has given us all a wonderful cinematic experience.

We give Wonder 3.5 buzzing bees.

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