Vaani Kapoor Blames France’s Weather For The ‘Transformation’ Of Her Face

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Have you ever been to France? It’s beautiful, it’s love and apparently it’s also magic. The weather has played an elaborate hand in Vaani Kapoor’s life. If you thought of a second that the Befikre actress got a chin surgery and lip job done, be prepared to apologize!

Let’s turn time back a little,  ever since the first teaser of Aditya Chopra’s Befikre came out, everybody has been talking about how different Vaani Kapoor looks in the film. Here are a few examples of what people have had to say:

In an interview with a leading newspaper, the actress was asked about the ‘alleged’ surgery and her response is proof that France is full of weird sorcery!

“I have lost weight; my face is bound to look different. We shot in Paris when it was freezing; the cameras keep zooming in and out. The face looks different from different angles.”

Vaani, we’re not very sure what you mean here but if are blaming France’s weather for the sudden transformation of your face, maybe your PR team needs to give you better answers?

In the same interview, she also said, “I can’t afford surgery, I am only one-film old.” (Because Rakhi Sawant has done so many movies that she can totally afford all the plastic surgery. Sounds legit.)

Also Vaani seems to have forgotten that she was a part of a Tamil film called Aaha Kalyalam, an official remake of Maneesh Sharma’s Band Baaja Baarat.

If what she is saying is true, there is a huge list of celebrities who should fly to France first thing tomorrow morning. Look at her transformation!

This is her before France’s weather –

This is her after France’s weather –

Magic right?

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