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Raveena Tandon Stands In Support Of Leopard Adoption At Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Author : Kanika Shrivastava

Raveena Tandon has found an innovative way of supporting Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) as its brand ambassador. The Bollywood star and avid photographer has chosen some of her favourite images of wildlife, clicked personally by her, to be sold online to raise money for the care of animals at SGNP.

She also travelled to SGNP especially for this occasion, capturing the beauty of the park through her lens. The sale will open on September 25th at Raveena Tandon’s first event at SGNP as its ambassador, and buyers can grab these limited-edition prints, autographed by her, at www.SaltScout.com/Rudra-Foundation.

Raveena Tandon talked about her motivation behind this initiative.

“I wanted to share something personal to forge new connections between people and the Park. I firmly believe that SGNP is a treasure within our city that we need to protect. For whoever sees or buys these photographs, I hope they feel a sense of oneness with nature, as I did during the moments that I captured these images. There are few things as exhilarating as being in the wild, and photographing nature has been my passion for many years. When I think of the people who will be the new owners of these prints, I feel like they are my partners in supporting this cause.”

Dr. Dhairya Roy, Head of the Project Office in Maharashtra’s Ministry of Finance & Planning and Forests, added: “We believe in engaging with public leaders and citizens in novel ways to shape mindsets and make conservation a people’s movement. This opportunity connects aficionados of photography, nature and film with a chance to own a special artwork while supporting Sanjay Gandhi National Park’s vital environment.”

The items are available through SaltScout’s website to fans across the world. SaltScout’s CEO, Komal Hiranandani, said: “We are honoured to work with Raveena Tandon and SGNP for this cause. We remain grateful for Raveena’s generosity and creativity in opening her personal photography collection, creating new avenues to support animal welfare.”


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