Pari Quick Movie Review: Lacks The Horror Element

Author : Kanika Shrivastava
 Pari Not A Fairytale

Director: Prosit Roy

Starring: Anushka Sharma, Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Ritabhari Chakraborty, Rajat Kapoor

Based on the old known theory of ‘Devil and Angel lie within ourselves’, Pari is a story about Rukhsana (Anushka Sharma) who falls in love with her savior Arnab (Parambrata Chattopadhyay) but he is already getting married to Piyali (Ritabhari Chakraborty).

Debutant director Prosit Roy has managed to showcase this horror story about a whole different culture. But the film lacks the scare-factor and will leave the horror enthusiasts disappointed.

Anushka Sharma shines bright (literally) in this one too. Parambrata plays his part well and Ritabhari has done a decent job in the supporting cast. Rajat Kapoor gets into the skin of the character like always.

All in all, #Pari is a decent attempt but gets too predictable. We give it 2 buzzing bees, and an extra jar of heart for Anushka Sharma’s performance.

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