Manu Punjabi and Priyanka Jagga make the housemates dance to their tunes!

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With nominations creating an explosion in the house, the housemates wake up with uncertainties to ‘Duniya Re Duniya Very Good’. Surprised by Manveer and Nitibha’s closeness, Manu confides in Priyanka that it’s quite shocking to see this as Nitibha had always insulted Manveer.


Later, Bigg Boss introduces a luxury budget task – BB Democracy which will have an effect on the subsequent captaincy task. Based on situations given by Bigg Boss, the contestants will need to take decisions by selecting options from a voting panel. With just a minute to vote, the contestants will not be allowed to discuss their choices. Adding a twist to the task, the final decision will rest in Priyanka and Manu’s.


Trying to strategize, Om Swami attempts to plot with Manveer and Mona but they refuse. Excited about the power to make contestants dance to their tunes, Priyanka tells Manu “Hum dono ek aur ek gyarah hain”. Kick-starting the task, the first situation requires the contestants to choose ‘Which contestant will make food for everybody’, and the contestants choose Rahul. The second situation requires the contestants to vote if Bani should stop using the gym. Upon seeing ‘yes’ as the final decision, Bani gets upset and walks away.


While having lunch, Lopa asks Manveer why he isn’t eating and Om Swami points at Rahul as the reason. On hearing this, Manveer gets annoyed with Om Swami for creating misunderstandings, and an enraged Om Swami throws his food.


The third situation requires the contestants to choose which two contestants from amongst Lopa and Swami, and Mona and Gaurav should use the jacuzzi for half an hour every day. Without skipping a beat, Manu chooses Mona and Gaurav, and the duo head to the bathroom.



While Mona and Gaurav discuss the Jacuzzi task, Manu and Priyanka make fun of Mona. Meanwhile, Mona tells Gaurav that Bani needs to stop getting annoying with every small matter. Hearing Nitibha talk about Mona, Manu tells Priyanka that Mona is the most rational person in the house. Noticing  Manu take Lopa’s side while making decisions, Priyanka enters into an argument with him. As the night comes to a close, Manu tells Priyanka that Manveer has changed a lot and Bani is now left with nobody on her side.

With the power being in the Manu and Priyanka’s hands what new tremors will their decisions bring to the Bigg Boss house?

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