​Lopa, Manveer and Bani’s Fight For Captaincy Gets Intense!

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Feeling all energized and happy, the housemates wake up dancing to the peppy number ‘Bunty aur Babli’. Early in the morning, Swami Om comes up with a new agenda for the day- to act victimized and gain sympathy after his fall out with Priyanka. He announces that he is feeling extremely weak and is soon going to die. He gives up on food and puts a condition that he will eat only if his ‘beti’ Priyanka feeds him. Priyanka, however, ignores Swamiji’s drama at first but feels extremely bad after he turns on the waterworks.

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Manveer further asks Swamiji to follow Bigg Boss’s orders and pair up with Rahul. But Swamiji’s temper flares up and he refuses to shadow Rahul. Manveer warns him of the repercussions but he remains in the denial mode. Later in the day, Bani and Rohan are seen analyzing Gaurav’s indifferent behavior. She says that Gaurav gave her word that he will always protect her but broke the promise by nominating her. She adds that she is hurt because Gaurav chose Mona over her stating that he has a soft corner for her. At the same time, Gaurav is seen sharing his side of the story to Rahul and says that Bani just wants him to blindly follow her footsteps.



As the day progresses, Bigg Boss concludes the democracy task and lifts all the bans imposed on the housemates. But he informs that they have earned zero luxury budget points owing to Swami and Rahul’s nonchalance. The contestants express their disappointment and request Bigg Boss to knock- off Swamiji from the luxury budget process. Unaffected by everything, Swamiji again slips into his depression mode. But Manu and Manveer try to cheer him up by dressing up like him and posing to be his chelas.


Later in the day, Gaurav decides to finally break the ice and apologize Bani in the most creative way. He writes ‘B Star, I am sorry’ on and a piece of paper and sticks it on his jacket. He walks into the kitchen area hoping that Bani will take notice and accept his apology. But Bani remains impassive and claims that Gaurav is doing all this only for the cameras.


In the evening, the captaincy task is introduced wherein the three contenders Bani, Lopa, and Manveer are required to hold a ring for a considerable amount of time. The one who survives till the end will become the captain of the house. While performing the task, Bani gets into a heated argument with Lopa as she tries to fidget with the ring in order to knock down Bani. And following an unfortunate accident, Bani loses the task and starts blaming Lopa for it.
With two very strong contenders, Manveer and Lopa, fighting it out in the captaincy task, who will emerge as the ultimate winner?

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