Guess Who: These Actors Had Sex Because They Were Bored And Nothing To Do!

Author : Bumblebee

A blind item in Rajeev Masand’s Open Magazine stated that 2 co-stars hooked up while filming their new movie because they had nothing better to do.

The actor has broken up with his girlfriend again and the actress has been single for a while now.

There are speculation that the actress, is also rumoured to be having an affair with a married producer who has cast her in his latest film. But clearly, that is not exclusive as she and her handsome co-star had a good time having sex while filming for the film. Here’s what a source said about this –

“You know how sometimes you’re so bored, you hook up because there’s literally nothing better you could be doing with your time? That’s what seems to have happened here. They seem to have no interest in each other besides the fact that each serves the other’s biological needs. And that’s not a bad thing. At least they’re honest enough to accept that.”

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