This Director Signed On This Leading Lady Because She Broke Up With Her Boyfriend!

Author : Author At BB

It’s time to set the rumour mills running! A certain director, whose recent release was based in the city of love and din’t do that great at the box office, has signed on this leading lady because she broke up with her long time boyfriend. These exes have a movie releasing together this year by the way. Apparently, all of Bollywood knows about this certain director’s liking for the tall lass and what makes it interesting is that the director is married to another hazel eyed actress from the industry.

The director had apparently stopped casting the actress in his films right after the news of this light skinned beauty dating a leading actor went viral around Bollywood. So much so, that the lady lost a character written especially for her, to a B-town fashionista.

That’s not it, now that the actress is single again, the director is all set to bring her back in the second installment of the banner’s much loved spy thriller, opposite the big boss of Bollywood, who is co-incidentally also another ex of the actress in question.

Can you guess all those involved in this rather juicy blind item? Tell us in the comments below.

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