Commando 2: Someone PAID Money To Make This And We Wanna Know WHY!

Author : Author At BB

If you haven’t watched the trailer of the movie, you are in the safe. Don’t bother, avoid the movie as well.

For the unlucky few who have watched the trailer, read this before you even consider watching this disaster of a movie. It was supposed to be an action movie but it’s actually a comedy. It’s really really funny. Honestly, everything from Vidyut Jammwal’s acting to Esha Gupta’s yet another vampish character, the heavy make out session to that other girl’s REALLY weird accent – It’s a comedy movie!

Our question – Why do filmmakers think that the audience is this stupid? If you want some publicity put a picture of yourself on a hoarding may be? (Honestly, that might get more eyeballs than Commando 2) Don’t waste all this money on making a movie that will only bring YOUR credibility down.

Here’s a quick summary of the almost non-existent plot – The movie has a clichéd storyline which includes the hero (haha) (Vidyut Jammwal), the vamp (Esha Gupta) and a string of not-so-known buddies, who help the hero in bringing the leader of a money laundering racket from Malaysia to India. Shefali Shah is the Union Minister and obviously has some dough stashed somewhere. So she pretends to work with the team so they can arrest this Vicky Chadha guy (because we can not use cliched name also)

The storyline is haywire. The plot (Which is clearly an insult to the word) tries very hard to keep you hooked but ends up being draggy and stupid. Vidyut’s chemistry with that girl with the stupid AF accent is cringe-worthy. It’s so flat, it almost looks like he’s hitting on his sister and knows it. Jammwal is in tank tops for the most part of the movie, and that doesn’t work either. The characters are sloppy, the editing is all over the place and there is no story. The marketing of the movie has been abysmal and the movie is no less.

Rating – REALLY?

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